Digital Marketing Orange County Services

Digital Marketing includes many components including SEO, PPC, and Social Media efforts.  There is no one size fits all in Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Orange County Companies offer quality services to companies in the region, Clix Plus is no stranger, we have providing the best digital services in Orange County and Los Angeles area.Every website represents a specific industry, social media may work better in bars and restaurants but may not work well for a mortgage company. At Clix Plus, we will advise you on what works and what doesn’t. Happy customers will come back and gives us more business. Many Digital Marketing Agencies will sell you Digital Marketing Services that you don’t need but we never.

Digital Marketing Services


Clix Plus is a certified SEO Service provider since 2008. We helped ranking many websites in top positions. Search Engine Optimization will get you free traffic.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Known as CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization where help make your marketing spend pay off. Reducing your ad costs while getting more business.


PPC Account Managers that will design effective campaigns in Google Ads formaly known as Google Adwords. Targeted web visitors that turn into leads.

Digital Marketing Consulting

don’t know where to begin or our marketing department need some new skills. we offer Digital Marketing consulting and Digital Marketing training.

Digital Marketing is the new marketing. People used to rely on brochures, catalogs and other collateral marketing material to learn about products and services. Nowadays, it all changes to Google display ads also known as Google Ads, as well as Facebook, Instagram Paid Ads. Youtube video ads. Digital Marketing can also be labeled as Electronic Marketing as it appears on a screen vs content on paper.

Technically yes, but not all the way yet. Digital Marketing is the future for sure, However, there is an entire generation that is still using traditional marketing. collateral advertising including coupons and a full print catalog is still on, in fact, it now works hand in hand with Digital Marketing to attract more crowds. Example: a coupon ad from Val Pak that you see in the mail ( at least mail in the United States) can include a printed coupon code that you enter on a website.

* Advantages of Digital Marketing

1) You can create an entire Digital Marketing Campaign in less than 10 minutes.

2) You can track and keep tabs of your campaigns and also track results

3) You can adjust and alter the design, the message or remove the entire ad and built one is less than an hour

4) Targeting local, city, entire region or worldwide campaign. Your choice and your strategy. 

5) A/B testing capabilities which are a tool in most AD providers in which it allows you to A/B test more than one advertisement and sees which one performed better. 


*Disadvantages of Digital Marketing 

1) Steep learning curve. Reading an article or a book about Digital Marketing is not enough to run a Digital Marketing campaign.

2) Some Digital Marketing Services need a real expert, as it can be time-consuming. Some technicalities involved including Ad specs and some HTML and Javascript codes.

3) It cost you a fortune if you run an ad on Google or Facebook in PPC. 5 minutes can bring 500 visits and a $300 bill ( we have seen it)

4) Traditional marketing is still on, there is an entire generation that doesn’t use Mobile phones or the internet period. So you will miss on those if you only rely on Digital Marketing 

5) Some Digital Marketing Agencies overcharge for services that you will never use ( lots of them out there, so watch your money)

This also depends on your target market and your service or product. The magic question is asked and answered by you. Example. a mortgage company looking mortgage buyers on Facebook. Really? would someone decide on refinancing their home mortgage after looking at a Facebook ad or even Instagram? 
On the contrary, if young lady just bumped into an ad on Facebook or Pinterest looking at handmade jewelry, then yes .. that will make sense on the homemade jewelry business. 


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