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Expand More with our Arabic SEO

More organizations are expanding in the middle east. Doing so, requries that your website must be in Arabic in other to target Arab speaking folks.

Arabic seo specialists

Benefits of Arabic SEO


You will be able to connect with folks from the Middle East.


Arabic SEO means tapping into more Middle East countries.

Buy Power

Arabic Websites will yield more buying power from Gulf Nations.

Google Likes

The more international your website is, the more Google will reward you.

Our Arabic Digital Marketing Services
Arabic On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to optimizing Arabic individual website pages to rank higher in search engines and earn organic traffic.

fuori pagina seo
Arabic OFF Page SEO

Off-page Arabic SEO brings quality backlinks to your website and complements on-page optimization. They work hand in hand.

SEO arabo
Progettazione di siti web in arabo

At ClixPlus we will design bespoke Arabic website for your business, in addition to Arabic Search Engine Optimization and content writing in Arabic.

Creazione di contenuti
Arabic Content Writing

Create unique and fresh Arabic content for your website that includes evergreen topics and guides to improve your site’s ranking.

SEO locale
Local SEO in Arabic

Get more business with Local SEO for Arabic-speaking countries using your Google My Business profile, also known as Google Maps profiles.

Arabic SEO Courses

Although it is included in some of our SEO packages, SEO courses can make you an SEO expert at some point. Training is provided online and offline.

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Majid Fat

International companies are moving to UAE and Saudi Arabia. Websites in English do not capture a significant portion of the market due to not being localized for Arabic. ClixPlus can help by adding Arabic to your website and offering Arabic content, SEO, paid ads, and website design.

Few Good Reasons to work with us

Only Arabic speakers are allowed to generate and write Arabic content. They know how to connect with the Middle East.

SEO locale

Automated translation and writing services lower content quality; we hand-write.

SEO arabo
Esperti di cultura

We incorporate culture into the mix. Arabic is not only a language, but also a culture.


Domande frequenti sul marketing e la SEO in arabo

Any domain will work as long as it’s not offensive. Generally, maximizing your Arabic SEO potential with the perfect Arabic domain name like .AE, .SA or .EG. All these domains can help your website perform better in their respective countries: where .sa is Saudi Arabia, .ae for the U.A.E and .eg for Egypt. All can give you an edge over other top-level domains (TLDs) like .com, .net and .org, or the new .co or Live, .info and .shop.

Use the hreflang attribute to optimize your website for multilingual visitors. This HTML code helps Google show the right language version to users in different countries. Properly implementing hreflang could improve your search engine rankings for specific languages and regions, resulting in more traffic, engagement, and conversions. Adding this attribute guides Google to serve the correct language version for a better user experience.

Digital marketing in Arabic is crucial as there are over 230 million native Arabic speakers on the internet. Studies show that users prefer to read content in their native language, highlighting the importance of Arabic digital marketing. Localizing content for the Arabic language can drive more traffic and engagement from the Middle East and beyond. Given that fewer than 1% of webpages are in Arabic, businesses can capitalize on this untapped market to increase their visibility and reach, making it an important aspect of overall digital marketing strategy.

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