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Pay Per Click & Paid Ads Services

There is nothing better than a PPC Agency in Dubai that increases your conversions. PathPointers Digital is a Google Ads Certified PPC Agency in Dubai UAE and we know how to get increase your clicks while reducing the cost of ad spend.

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Our Pay Per Click Management Services

Working with a professional PPC agency like PathPointers in Dubai. Unlike relying on Google’s guidance alone, PPD leverages its years of experience and expertise to set up and manage campaigns using proven best practices. Our ultimate goal is to generate a high optimization score and optimize ROI. We keep a close eye on daily notifications from Google and utilize testing and optimization techniques before making any changes to the budget. With PathPointers Digital , you can be confident that your PPC campaigns are in good hands and delivering maximum results.”

Target Any Country At Anytime

Our team of Google Ads certified specialists in Dubai at PathPointers Digital is dedicated to creating highly effective and targeted digital marketing campaigns that optimize your budget spend. We utilize all the tools of digital media to reach your desired audience and drive lead generation, sales, and revenue.

Search Ads

These are text adverts that appear when you get search engine results. 
Search Ads are the most common Google Ads in the UAE.

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Display Ads

Display Ads are  images but not always. They are not placed in Google Search but Google Display Network (GDN) and other networks. 

arabic seo

This relates to any advertisement you see on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn etc. You can create ads that target your specific audience.

content writing

Remarking can help past visitors to click on your ad. This can use Cookies or contact lists. your services previously. 


ppc management
Google Shopping

Using Google Product Feed in Google Merchant Account. Shopping ads will show up in the search.

digital courses
Local Search Ads

Driving traffic from Google Maps driving walk in and online visits. Google uses text and images in your GMB profile.

Promoting Phone Call

Visitors are able to call your business directly without the need to a website. Clients in the UAE will simply dial your business directly.

App Promotion Ads

Got an APP. Let’s place some ads for it

You pay less here

Many PPC Agencies in Dubai will overcharge for simple jobs and adjustments, while we don’t.

Almost half of small businesses buy some type of advertising, online that is usually Pay per Click (PPC).

We, as marketers need to make sure we understand it so that we can make use of it properly.



Google Ads PPC or Pay Per Click FAQs

Pay per Click is placement advertising – you pay a fee to have your advert seen in search engine result pages (SERPs). When someone searches for an applicable keyword or phrase the SERP will call up your advert and you pay if they click on it. Positioning depends on the fee paid. PPC can bring in quality leads if they are done well. A seamless user journey is the goal. Underlying all advertising initiatives is a return on investment (ROI). This is also key with PPC. PPC Ads are regularly seen on Google and you will also see them on other search engine results pages like Bing. You may even see them on social channels. If you are not quite sure where they appear, they are the advertisements that appear on the right hand side of search results.

Increasing the ranking of a website is a key goal of digital marketing. SEM refers to both unpaid and unpaid marketing on search engines. SEM is an umbrella term. It includes paid advertising and search engine optimisation or organic keyword ranking.

Cost refers to the amount advertisers pay for each ‘click’ on an advert. CPC is similar to bidding in an auction. The higher the bids the better the ad placement so the more clicks you get the better.

Quality Score

Search engines give a score to your advert based on your click through rate (CTR). It is measured against your competition and the relevance of the keywords you have chosen. The quality of your landing page is also important, as is the history of your SERP.

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