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digital marketing manager job description
Digital Marketing Job Description

what is the role of a digital marketing manager?

what is the role of a digital marketing manager Digital marketers are responsible for helping a company generate leads and build brand presence online by using various digital channels. Digital channels include: business websites, social media platforms, search engine advertising, mobile apps, email campaigns, and other multimedia mediums. The role of a digital marketer is to envision, lead, and execute content strategies with the goal of growing brand recognition and

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seo terms
seo glossary

SEO Terms for beginners

A- Z SEO Terms Glossary 301 Redirect: A flag to the search engines that a web page no longer exists. A person attempting to reach the original website will be taken to a new page that is the most similar match. 404 Error: A technical SEO error that signals the website could not be found. Algorithm: A formula that calculates the rank ability of search engine results. Algorithms change constantly to provide the

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SEO Tools
digital marketing tools

Best SEO Tools for 2021

SEO Tools for 2021 Semrush, Hubspot and Moz Here is a list of SEO Tools that are recommend for 2021 SEMRush What is SEMrush? Semrush is a platform that will help you boosting your visibility on the internet. It has many tools that will help every digital marketer get the job done. Semrush has helpful tools such as SEO Tools, PPC Tools and SMM, as well as content marketing to

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What Is link building

What is Link Building?

What is link Building Link building is the process of acquiring and creating high-quality backlinks to a website to increase online visibility. When a website has a higher number of backlinks from other sites, it will have a higher online ranking when it comes to search results. To keep up with the growing numbers of websites and competition, building backlinks is important for any website to help gain credibility. Since

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drive traffic
Web Traffic

How to Drive more traffic to your website?

10 Things to Do to Drive More Traffic to Your Website Back in the days word of mouth marketing was efficient and Brough tons of walking traffic to brick and mortar stores. Now, online marketing is almost the only way that people can market their business. The question that almost every website owner asks : How can I bring more traffic to my website? Marketing your website to increase page

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digital marketing manager

SEO Trends and Vitals for 2021

What are the SEO trends for 2021 to watch for? Having a website that performs high in SEO needs a thorough SEO approach, with attention given to many different defining metrics. This will include the increase of traffic, backlinks, and shares on social media. We have created this guide for you to give you some valuable insights in how the standards and trends for SEO are set in 2021. With

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Lead Generation

Benefits of using Facebook Chatbots for business

Benefits of Using Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Business Have you heard about Chatbots and wondered how they can benefit your business? Let’s take a look at how Chatbots can do the work for you, giving you the ability to enjoy your down time with your family and friends, or giving you the time to focus on growth in other areas. What is Facebook Messenger Chatbots? A chatbot is an artificial

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what is an SEO AUDIT
Google SEO

What is SEO AUDIT? Why do you need it?

What is an SEO Audit anyway? Have you ever visited an SEO Company website and read a call to action for an SEO Audit, and wondered what it is? SEO Audit is the epitome of all SEO. It takes a real expert in Search Engine Optimization to know how to perform an SEO Audit on a website. SEO Audit is a full website checkup that analyzes every page of a website

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