February 2021

digital marketing expert

SEO Trends and Vitals for 2021

What are the SEO trends for 2021 to watch for? Having a website that performs high in SEO needs a thorough SEO approach, with attention given to many different defining metrics. This will include the increase of traffic, backlinks, and shares on social media. We have created this guide for you to give you some valuable insights in how the standards and trends for SEO are set in 2021. With this you will be able to prepare your SEO strategy for a successful year. Artificial Intelligence will have a large part in SEO in 2021Voice Search Will influence Search Queries Mobile-Friendliness Will...

October 2019


Benefits of using Facebook Chatbots for business

Benefits of Using Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Business Have you heard about Chatbots and wondered how they can benefit your business? Let’s take a look at how Chatbots can do the work for you, giving you the ability to enjoy your down time with your family and friends, or giving you the time to focus on growth in other areas. What is Facebook Messenger Chatbots? A chatbot is an artificial intelligence service that can have a conversation with you, like a real live person. In other words, a chatbot is designed to understand your questions and to give you an answer. How do Chatbots Work? Chatbots or Artificial Intelligence, sometimes referred...

April 2019

what is an SEO AUDIT

What is SEO AUDIT? Why do you need it?

What is an SEO Audit anyway? Have you ever visited an SEO Company website and read a call to action for an SEO Audit, and wondered what it is? SEO Audit is the epitome of all SEO. It takes a real expert in Search Engine Optimization to know how to perform an SEO Audit on a website. SEO Audit is a full website checkup that analyzes every page of a website which involves many aspects, including the coding of a website. H tags, crawling, indexing, website structure and design are few of the items in a website audit.  It’s very technical, only understood...