SEO has always been associated with high pricing. Many companies pay a fortune for SEO Companies to boost their positions in Search Engines. At Clix Plus, you don’t have to pay the premium. We never sell our customers services they don’t need. SEO does not cost as much as you think; however, some projects can take longer than others. For the most part, getting started with SEO  does not involve high cost. Contact us for a free quote.


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So PPC is ..

Paid Advertising is paying for Ads to bring traffic to a page. Also called PPC or Pay Per Click Ads. The Ad can be in the form of text, image or a video. The Paid Ad also can be a combination of all three mentioned above. The PPC or Pay Per Click services requires a good knowledge of PPC campaign management.

What is PPC Account Manager?

A qualified PPC Account manager is only able to create, optimize your campaigns. Paying for keywords that will trigger your ads in search engines such as Google or Bing is part of how it works. At Clix Plus we understand that there no size fits all; each business has its unique strategy that may not work for another. Hire Clix Plus to manage your PPC Campaigns for your website and get the results that you deserve.

What is SEO AGAIN?

SEO is an acronym for  Search Engine Optimization also called organic traffic is a methodology in which website page content is altered or optimized for Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go and  Yahoo. There are two primary methods to optimize a web page, On page and off page.

What is the new SEO?

The new trend leans towards quality content that users that benefit from or news you can use. Fresh content that is beneficial to users by adding more to the table is what major search engines like Google favors the most. SEO is part of Digital Marketing; you must find a qualified SEO Specialist to work on your website pages. Clix Plus an expert in Search Engine Optimization, ready to optimize your website to rank higher organically in search engines.

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