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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) brings organic and free web traffic to your website. Unlike traditional marketing, SEO takes some time to materialize, however, your marketing efforts will pay off. Clix Plus Orange County is a company that specializes in SEO, we take new websites from ZERO to HERO.

Clix Plus will analyze your web pages, perform detailed keyword research, URL structure and finally generate great content for you. Part of Clix Plus content marketing strategy is website SEO-friendliness thus, able to build an audience.

Our SEO SERVICES also include internal linking, meta description check in order to ensure that your website meets technical SEO standards. Many SEO companies in Orange County overcharge their customers for services that they may not need. Before we create content we will make sure that we build an SEO friendly website in order to attract the right target audience.

SEO is an integral part of Digital Marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing is online while traditional marketing is a form of print and other collateral material. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization also referred to as Organic web traffic. A website is made of web pages that spread across the internet, these pages need to be optimized or altered so it comes SEO friendly. you can look at Digital Marketing as a part of the marketing efforts and SEO as one of the tools used. Content marketing efforts include search engine optimization, thus it is part of Digital Marketing. Writing great content for websites is part of an effective digital marketing strategy.  

Search Engine Optimization Or Organic Traffic or Pure Web Optimization or Free Traffic are other words for SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization also called organic traffic is a methodology in which website page content is altered or optimized for Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go and Yahoo. There are two primary methods to optimize a web page, On page and off page

SEO is the set of strategies and practices aimed at increasing the visibility of a website by improving its position in search engine rankings, in non-paid results, called “pure” or “organic” results. S.E.O. is an English abbreviation (acronym) which stands for Search Engine Optimization, translated literally: “optimize for search engines”.

Entries are made based on the HTML code, textual content, management of incoming links (ie that other sites point towards your site, said inbound link or, more pronunciation, backlink) and outgoing (than from your site point towards others).

Google is by far the most used search engine in the world, most of the SEO activity is the study of the Google algorithm and its periodic updates

SEO SERVICES Includes the following :

Keyword Research

URL Structure

Creating Great Content

Blog Posts

Internal Linking

Meta Title and Meta Description

Crafting effective Content Marketing Strategy
What is the new SEO?

The new trend leans towards quality content that users that benefit from or news you can use. Fresh content that is beneficial to users by adding more to the table is what major search engines like Google favors the most. SEO is part of Digital Marketing; you must find a qualified SEO Specialist to work on your website pages. Clix Plus an expert in Search Engine Optimization, ready to optimize your website to rank higher organically in search engines.


Paid Advertising is paying for Ads to bring traffic to a page. Also called PPC or Pay Per Click Ads. The Ad can be in the form of text, image or a video. The Paid Ad also can be a combination of all three mentioned above. The PPC or Pay Per Click services requires a good knowledge of PPC campaign management.

What is PPC Account Manager?

A qualified PPC Account manager is only able to create, optimize your campaigns. Paying for keywords that will trigger your ads in search engines such as Google or Bing is part of how it works. At Clix Plus we understand that there no size fits all; each business has its unique strategy that may not work for another. Hire Clix Plus to manage your PAY PER CLICK Campaigns for your website and get the results that you deserve.

This is one of the more frequent questions that is asked by new clients. How long does it take to get results from SEO? The answer is: Depends on a few factors. Some of these factors are, How long have you had your website online? others include content quality and your target web visitors. We would like to look at your website in order to determine what it takes to get good results and when?

Modern SEO is different than the old SEO. It relies on quality content, fast mobile pages also known as AMP or accelerated mobile pages. Content relevancy, page load speed, and SEO Friendly design are one of the new and modern SEO. In 2019 SEO has changed the game to Mobile First initiative, in which Google had found that more online visitors begin to use Mobile phones first then they goto their desktop to make bigger decisions.

Learn more about AMP here. AMP Pages


LOCAL SEO MARKETING Gets you fast results

Having a business in Orange County’s customers buying power is a great advantage. Most people in orange county prefer doing business locally in OC, however they may step out to LA or even San Diago. Local SEO can turn the corner for Small Busineses in Orange County. At Clix Plus, we are experts in Local SEO Marketing and we are able to help your website generate business using Google My Business, Yelp through Yelp Marketing efforts as well as Facebook local marketing.

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